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Beginning this summer...

American Idol Vocal Lessons!

 started as a theory class at Rancho Solano Private Schools, more than 10 years ago…

This school was on the ‘cutting-edge. Perfect for our innovations. Before long we had children 5 and 6 years old conducting and loving it!

In addition to fun-conducting, we were integrating some shortcuts I’d developed while studying with Dr. Donald Chittum at the Philadelphia Conservatory Of Music.

For example; to sing an interval of a 7th…the first 2 notes of the song ‘Somewhere’ from West Side Story was a 7th !

During this time, we were also updating some of the teachings of Zoltan Kodaly, the Hungarian Composer and Educator who believed children could have stimulating and enjoyable music lessons while becoming musically literate and appreciative.

In addition to some adjustments to the discipline, we noticed the children did better when we had more fun. They also began to bond with the teachers. So we incorporated these nuances into our newly developing program.

Our first lesson program was called ‘John and Suzie’s Excellent keyboard Adventure’. We had 2 teachers overseeing a 4-student class which included a one-on-one lesson, a theory paper, and Freeplay-where the child was free at the keyboard.

We also added the innovation, this was a free and creative ‘zone’ for the students. There are no posture corrections or ‘steadfast’ rules, but good behavior is always rewarded, and because the lessons were one-on-one we could improvise the next thing to do as ‘directed’ by the student.

Inspired by the stories of Mozart’s musical adventures before the age of 8 years, we created Young Mozarts as a way of bringing our own unique life studies and experiences to the children.


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"A child's musical experiences from birth to age five have a particularly profound impact on the extent to which he/she will be able to understand, appreciate, and achieve in music as an adult."

-Edwin E. Gordon



provides a "Free Zone" music-lesson environment for the children




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