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"Children learn from a teacher they love!"

-John & Suzie Renner

 is a program of Music instruction patterned after the work of Music Education pioneers Kodaly, Gordon, Dalcroze, Orff, Sarah Glover and others - shown to positively impact childhood development.

Every child should have the opportunity to explore the creative side of their nature while developing a trusting relationship with teachers who enjoy their company and, in turn, encourage their artistic growth and awareness.

Beginning this summer...

American Idol Vocal Lessons!
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 is a one of a kind program where each child gets individual and small class instruction from caring and professional teachers, where progress is measured at the child’s own pace and recognition for achievement is a daily occurrence.

 music lessons are designed to give some relief to the hurried pace of modern family life by offering the lessons as part of an after-school, at-school experience, in a setting where the children are familiar with their surroundings and parents can be confident of the student’s safety.


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"Let us take our child-ren seriously! Every-thing else follows from this…
And I would advise my colleagues, the compo-sers of symphonies, to drop in sometimes at the kindergarten.   It is there decided whether in twenty years their works will be understood."

-Zoltan Kodaly



provides a "Free Zone" music-lesson environment for the children



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